light weight steel houses

The rest of the 1st world countries can’t be wrong to build like this such as, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America and Europe

  • Fast construction time, built in less than half the time
  • Energy efficient buildings, cheap to heat and cool. Save 75% of heating and cooling consumption
  • Made in a controlled factory environment means you get absolute accuracy and a controlled budget
  • R Value. This is the measure of insulation and efficiency in a house such as heat loss ratios etc.. LWS homes have a 2.8 R value compared to 0.26 R value of a brick and mortar house
  • Space saving therefore more value for money due to wall profiles. Over a typical house of 225sqm you will get 8sqm additional space for free. That’s a whole bathroom or office for free!
  • Far more versatile in construction. Long spans, curved and wide openings easily achieved at no extra costs
  • Steel will last up to 635 years. So no issue with longevity in the building.
  • Thermally controlled self regulating climate control
  • No big heaving settlement cracks
  • Faster, and save massive money
  • Longer lifespan, 50 year warranty on steel and Fibre cement, termite, rot and water damage proof, steel framed houses are not susceptible to organic types of decay that brick homes are.
  • Can span doorways and do suspended floors, no cure time.


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