1. Fibre cement is not affected by moisture
  2. Fibre cement is immune to all insect, borer and ants
  3. Fibre cement doesn’t warp or become brittle
  4. Fast construction time
  5. Saves you money


FIBRE CEMENT COTTAGE PRICES (not including drywall, insulation and ceilings) :


1 bedroom executive R169 900 including vat (43.68sqm)

2 bedroom special R187 900 including vat (48sqm)

2 bed XL R258 900 including vat (67.32sqm)

3 bedroom house R286 900 including vat (75sqm)

4 bedroom deluxe R472 900 including vat (120sqm)


Cottage Information;

Fibre cement 9mm exterior cladding

Waterproof membrane to entire exterior walls

No bounce floor system

Wall height 2.4m

Quick construction time

Stilted CCA pole base substructure (up to 450mm)

CCA timber framing 20 year guarantee

18mm A -grade shutterply flooring

Longer lasting Zinc Aluminium Roofing, colour green (colour stock dependant)
Non warp meranti internal door frames

Interior hollow doors, handles and locksets

Maintenance free aluminium windows and sliding door

Fascia and barge boards

10 year workmanship guarantee

 Verandah details:

Made from structural S5 CCA treated & graded SA pine.

Top slat size Ex38mm thickness

Smooth top slat design with routed bull nose edges

Stilted CCA pole base and substructure

Georgian style balustrades routered and machined smooth



This is an outsourced service. As a guideline for budget purpose you can work on R790 per square meter of floor space.

This would include the materials and labour. You may use whoever you like for this or alternatively we can put you in touch with the relevant people.


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