fibre cement cottages


We are so confident on our strength that we have a market first additional guarantee of 5 years on our walls. If your building is broken into by an intruder through our walls we will repair it for free.

For your peace of mind…we are  NHBRC registered.


Fibre cement is used extensively in home construction in first world countries such as Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand. A completed fibre cement structure has a smooth wall appearance like a plastered wall or a Vermont lapped look can be chosen.

Shell prices are quoted and the other items to consider are plumbing and electrical etc.. We have a list of contractors to fulfil these services for you at competitive prices.

Fibre cement is:

  • Insect and termite resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Not brittle
  • Weather resistant
  • A good sound insulator
  • Doesn’t warp

Our fibre cement cottages are inclusive of the following;

  • Fibre cement 9mm exterior cladding
  • Waterproof membrane to entire exterior walls
  • No bounce floor system
  • Wall height 2.4m
  • Quick construction time
  • Stilted CCA pole base substructure (up to 450mm)
  • CCA timber framing 20 year guarantee or LWS framing with 50 year guarantee
  • Easy sweep clean flat interlocking flooring
  • Installation
  • Longer lasting Zinc Aluminium Roofing, green or red
  • Verandah details: Made from structural S5 CCA treated & graded SA pine.
  • Top slat size Ex38mm thickness with dowel rod covering screws
  • Smooth top slat design with routed bull nose edges
  • Stilted CCA pole base and substructure
  • Georgian style balustrades routered and machined smooth
  • Non warp meranti internal door frames
  • Interior hollow doors, handles and locksets
  • Maintenance free aluminium windows and sliding door
  • Aesthetically pleasing no visible nail head system
  • Fascia and barge boards
  • 10 year workmanship guarantee
  • Self regulating thermally insulated home:
  • Thermal climate stabilizing wall insulation SABS approved, SANS fire rated.
  • Saves you energy costs on heating and cooling
  • Ex22mm Tongue and groove timber clad to the internal or Drywall board 12.5mm with skimmed joints and undercoat applied with skirting boards.
  • Rhinoboard ceilings and cornice with insulation SABS approved, SANS fire rated.


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